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Own A Pig Scheme

If you are someone who cares about the meat they eat and wants to know where your food has come from and how it has been reared and cared for, then we have the solution.

Choose a Gloucester Old Spots Weaner that will be yours, and after six+ months of happy foraging in its paddock doing what pigs do naturally we will have it produced as joints and chops. Enjoy the flavour of the meat that has come from thriving in an outdoor environment. 

How It Works

Your pig will be cared for and reared up to pork weight at six—seven months.
After butchering you will receive 40 - 50 kg of tasty pork. You choose which cuts you would like.

Not enough room in the freezer, then why not club together with relatives or friends and share a pig.  Or for that ultimate present, Give a pig.

If you are interested in this scheme and would like more details email 

Our Pigs Are...

Free Range

Our pigs are all Free Range Pigs at grass which gives full flavoured tender pork with wonderful crackling.


Reared using traditional extensive
Farming methods. The Gloucester Old Spots is a rare breed renowned for flavour due to slow growth rate.

Happy Pigs

Natural Feeds. No antibiotics. Welfare is absolutely paramount. Healthy, happy pigs grow into tasty pork.

Perfect Gifts

Birthdays, Weddings or Anniversaries. Why not give a Pig or share a Pig with family & friends ?